Friday, July 8, 2016

Sewing Quest #3 - Button Birds

For today's challenge we are going to head on over to and play with their button birds!  We are actually modifying this design a little - we are sewing the buttons on instead of gluing them on.


Scrapbook paper  /felt
sewing needles and thread
Thin black sharpie/pen


Start by sewing buttons to a piece of card stock paper. (We sewed ours onto felt pieces as it was easier!)
Then add some eyes, legs, feathers, etc with the sharpie!
Cut out little beaks and wings from scrapbook paper then glue them to the buttons.
These make adorable little cards…add some music notes between them like they’re chirping!

we arranged our buttons first and then sketched out a tree for them to be on
closer look at one of our birds - we glued on a googly eye and a beak..
another tree and a swarm of birds
For extra practice in sewing we first used a sharpie marker to mark our feet and then stitched them on.
our supplies..  button thread, buttons, iron-on clouds (we had them lying around), felt, fabric markers

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